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The term “Maintenance” in an organization has become significant and at the same time very crucial than ever before as a result of aging assets and increasing costs.

Cost benefit, quality, precision and productivity are seen as important factors driving an organization and there is a need of a constant robust solution that would assist the organizations in managing maintenance activities that include work repair backgrounds and other associated tasks.

Compel’s new product, UpKeep is leading the era with an easy-to- use and a comprehensive solution for the industry.

UpKeep is designed to make sure that all the assets of the organization can be easily scheduled for preventive maintenance as well as inspections.

Companies can now focus on servicing their customer’s needs instead of worrying about getting organized.

UpKeep primarily focuses on maintenance of-

– HVAC (Heating ventilation and air conditioners)
– Boilers/ Chillers
– Lighting
– Kitchen
– Plumbing
– Lobby
– Common areas
– Parking Lots
– Other energy areas

Features of Upkeep that keep every customer satisfied:

  • Get notification at every step via Email/SMS
  • Task & Time Management
  • Maintenance & Operations
  • Automatic Escalation
  • Easy Report Generation
  • Performance Measurement & Reporting

Upkeep manages your asset with maximum output!

Upkeep, simple and easy to use, is a maintenance scheduling tool used for the betterment of your organization.


Pareto Analysis: In UpKeep we use this approach, to help you prioritize the individual changes that will most improve the situation.

Pareto Analysis uses the Pareto Principle – also known as the “80/20 Rule” – which is the idea that 20% of causes generate 80% of results. With this tool, we’re trying to find the 20% of work that will generate 80% of the results that doing all of the work would deliver.

Use of tools like MTTR, MTBF and OEE:To appraise the performance of any equipment, the tools used would be MTTR(Mean time to repair),MTBF(Mean time before failure) and OEE(Overall equipment effectiveness). UpKeep touches all these areas in order to give you comprehensive data.

UpKeep on Android:

  • Check history of every equipment on the move on Android pad
  • Handy checklist for maintenance at ease
  • Check the dashboard on the move

Pankaj Abhang

Team Leader