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SEdR is a statistical tool that bridges the gap between analytics industry and academics. It is not just for students, but even researchers and teachers that can make the best possible use of SEdR.

SEdR is strongly committed to supporting the academic community with leading technology solutions to meet the changing needs and demands of today’s professionals.

It is an intuitive interface that allows students to master the software quickly and focus on learning statistical concepts. At the same time it helps researchers and teaching staff to assimilate the concepts quickly. When you teach with SEdR, you give your students a high quality education and a set of skills they can use in the real world.

Statistics, a booming subject in diverse fields is important to grasp the subject well. Students wishing to pursue a career in Statistics can develop a better understanding using SEdR.

It aims to develop instructional methods that help to make the subject matter more accessible for students, and helping them to develop more effective and more efficient way of studying strategies. SEdR can be used in the classroom to learn statistics, or as a data analysis tool for your thesis, dissertations, professional reports, and research projects.

Advantages of SEdR over other existing tools:

  • Designed for teaching as well as learning
  • Affordable
  • Reliable and accurate
  • Organized
  • Comprehensive tool
  • Powerful than Excel

We assure SEdR will meet every possible statistical need.


Super cool graphical tools to understand complex Statistics models.

Pankaj Abhang

Team Leader