The Directors

Narsingh Devasani

Managing Director

We love what we do and Mr. Davasani’s vast and exhaustive expertise with Finance makes that possible. A passionate person who always has a solution, he keeps us going. His hunger for success keeps us on course.

Sushil Kurri


An avid traveler and a seasoned professional in the travel and hospitality business, Mr.Kurri experience is key to our success. With his rich experience, he knows what the market needs and is committed to delivering it.

A Quick Read

Its always said “Everything is permanent except Change”. And the ideal change is the one that brings in growth.

So climbing up a rung in the progress ladder, Compel Consultancy is now Compel Consultancy Pvt Ltd. So that would invite changes from your side in vendor registration details. Our registered office is located at BSEL Techpark Vashi.

Our growth doesn’t stop here. We offer to you a bouquet of products. We have already lauched our Smart Asset Management software – “UpKeep” that manages your corrective, preventive and even predictive maintenance of your Assets.

We always thought, predicting is a job of astrologers. But what if we give you a software to predict your Hotel’s Revenue? We present to you “FutureWorld” , our software that uses statistical tools to do predictions.

Our most important product Cocktail World comes in a new package with added features that will leave you spell bound. The newly launched version Cocktail World Slim, now a web based application is easily accessible to maintain and track liquor inventory. It is filled with Quick Features- Quick Excise, Quick Variance and Quick controls. It will also have an interactive Dashboard.

There will be more to come in the course of the year and we promise you the ever ready service that Compel has always provided to its clients.

Write to us if you require any details about the products


Narsingh Devasani
Managing Director